About Us

To say that we are an Australia-based, creativity-laced innovation hub would be oversimplifying things, but that’s still better than giving a long list of descriptors, isn’t it? After all, we founded the Clever Products Company (CPC) with the vision of delivering products to consumers on the core concept of ‘Less is More’.

Essentially, we are a bunch of enterprising entrepreneurs, each bringing years of experience in a unique competency to the table. As such, the brands you will find under the CPC are also varied: natural healing products, novel cosmetics, aromatherapy essentials, technology products, etc. We have identified many gaps in these market segments and we strive to fill them with natural, effective and high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Our consumer value comes from Blue Ocean Strategy, which means our goal is not to beat the competition, but to make the competition irrelevant. By choosing and developing an assortment of high-value and low-risk products, we aim to sprout, grow, and emerge as a business with attractive verticles and reasonable gains.

The Clever Products Company (CPC) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hasan, Hajee & Co., a shipping, project logistics, stevedoring and warehousing company with a rich history spanning 78 glorious years. Read more about our parent and group companies: Click Here.

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Nature’s Touch

Beyond Beauty

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Our Team

Murtuza Masalawala


Murtuza has been a driving force for various multi-million dollar organisations since 1995

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Abhinesh Ashraf


Known for getting the job done ahead of schedule and under budget, Abhinesh is a Logistics veteran

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Mohammed Ameen


A Partner at Hasan Hajee & Co., Ameen is a former president of ‘Kanara Chamber of Commerce & Industries’

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Rashfad Sheikh


Rashfad is a change agent who comes with a proven ability in financial risk management and strategic planning

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